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That One Post that Happened to be the First One

Hello reader.

I would like to welcome you to my humble little corner of the Internet. I'll try to keep this brief since, in my experience, most first posts on any blog are just awful awkward things. Usually the person writing them doesn't know what they'll write or why. The few people that do read the first post don't even know why they're taking the time to bother. Pretty much both the blogger and the reader (or "bloggie," if you'd prefer) just want to cut to the chase. It's just like meeting a stranger at a party. Nobody knows what they're saying, it's awkward, clumsy, and most of the time it doesn't lead anywhere good.

So I suppose I should tell you about myself. My name is Corey W. Williams. The W stands for something. I'm an amateur writer, as of yet unpublished aside from content I've provided online. Most of it is fanfiction I wrote as a teenager. Some of it is surprisingly not THAT bad, at least I think so looking back. But some of it is. Oh god it is…

Er, anyway, I am also a nerd, ladies and gentleman, in case the fact I had a blog wasn't enough of a clue. I enjoy video games, especially RPGs. I read a lot and write. I read comic books and manga, and I also enjoy some anime every once in a while. I watch a lot of films, own a bunch of DVDs of obscure TV shows and cartoons most people have forgotten (I'll just use Clone High as an example because I loved that particular show). I know that the secret of the universe is 42, I know what a Big Lipped Alligator Moment is, I know that John Freeman has a tendency to find wepon, I know that bards are sometimes spoony, I know the enemies gate is down, I know Torgo takes care of the place while the MaSTer is away, I know that R'lyeah is a city underwater and that the word is basically Great Old One speak loosely translated to "You should probably stay the hell away from this city," I can keep rhythm with no metronome, no metronome, no metronome, and I know that if you got ANY of those references then you know I'm clearly a dork. And if you got any of them I also know you have some of that nerdyness in you, so it seems we've reached a consensus. You've passed the test.

This is basically a blog about the stuff I love. I love nerdy stuff. I also love writing. So most if not everything will either be about nerdy stuff and writing (both, more often than not). I'm sure not many of you are reading this, but if you are, I hope you will enjoy listening to my rambling musings. I hope we can get to know each other.

Pleased to meet you. Take your shoes off, stay a while and hopefully we'll enjoy each others company. Have a good day, all of you.

(Hopefully, as far as first posts go, this was a least somewhat interesting).

  1. December 15, 2009 at 5:43 am

    Wow, I got SO MANY of those. And am now curious about the ones i didn’t.
    Looking forward to wordy word-things from you!

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