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Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. Unfortunately I’ve been quite preoccupied with work for a while, as well as a few other distractions. However, I am going to rectify the lack the updates and try to begin updating regularly once more.

Also, I realize most of my posts in this blog have been reviews and, while reviews will still be a focus of this blog, I am going to branch out and discuss more things that peak my interest. Mostly this is because I have other topics I wish to talk about and, to be honest, I’m starting to run out of things I wanted to review since I started the blog. I’ll still review things, but you’ll also notice more posts about…well, whatever I happen to feel like talking about.

So as some of you may have realized, I really enjoy animated programming (one look at my reviews could have told you that). However, it’s hard to find good animated programming these days aside from Family Guy, South Park, or a few decent shows on Cartoon Network. However, in recent times I’ve lost a bit of faith in Cartoon Network once they stopped showing shows like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and started doing stupid things, like putting a block of LIVE ACTION REALITY SHOWS staring kids (which are themselves ripoffs of reality shows that weren’t good to begin with) on their network. This specific block was called CNReal or, as I prefer to call it, “the DUMBEST idea for anything that has ever happened!” But they’ve started to get better lately, showing more Chowder and Flapjack, which I think are pretty much the best shows on the network at the moment mostly because of how deranged they are. They still have a few shows that I think are dumb (seriously, does anyone like Johnny Test? I mean, really? I’m just saying…).

Recently though, Cartoon Network put a new show on the air. It premered on April 5th and only has one episode out already, but I already think its going to become my favorite show on the network. The show I’m referring to is called “Adventure Time With Finn And Jake.”

This show actually started out as a one-time short on Nickelodeon that one perhaps one of the most bizarre 7-minute shorts ever. It’s basically about an adventure had by a young boy who looks like the main character from Scribblenauts for some reason and his talking dog in a world that looks like it was created by a child on a sugar high. It was also hilarious and became fairly popular on some areas of the internet. You can still find the short on Youtube here:

It was random, creative, and had awesome music. It even had John Dimaggio (the voice of Bender from Futurama, among other things) voicing Jake the Dog. It was recently picked up by Cartoon Network and, seeing how popular the short was, ordered the two full seasons of the show right off the bat.

I saw the first episode of the series last night and its even better than the short. It’s still pretty random, but in a good way, much like Chowder and Flapjack (speaking of which, the creator of the show is an artist who works on Flapjack and boy, does that show). John Dimaggio still voices the dog (which is still awesome). The art style is pretty simple, but the methed-out world it takes place in is very original and every concept it introduces is creative and entertaining. It was very funny and there were quite a few jokes that I was surprised to see on a kids show. Hell, one of the funniest jokes in the whole episode was a joke that implied mercy killing, which was probably the point when I figured out this was a show for me.

It’s a really good show that’s very original. It really defies explanation. If you enjoy animation, see if you can catch the first episode of Adventure Time on DVR and check it out. If you like deranged animated programming or are just looking for a creative show that would be a refreshing change from the crap most networks are shoveling at the moment, you’ll love this. Check it out. I personally can’t wait for the next episode and I do think its kind of cool to have something to look forward to seeing on Cartoon Network for once.

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