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Good Comics: Hark! A Vagrant

I spend a lot of time on the internet. Far far more than I should, as I find it often sidetracks me when I’m trying to write. Often times I will think of something to write for and think “Well, I should look up something on wikipedia as ‘research’ for that.” Then, about an hour later, I find myself watching a Let’s Play of Zelda Master Quest or something and I turn around trying to figure out what just happened. Recently I’ve been trying to work on that.

However, sometimes you find something really good when you’re piddling around on the internet doing “research.” I recently came across a really intelligent and funny webcomic.

The comic is called “Hark! A Vagrant,” written and drawn by artist/history major/Time Lord Kate Beaton.  Now, I read a lot of webcomics before, but this one is one of the smartest ones I’ve come across. It does not have a continous storyline, all the comics basically being one-offs. What makes it really smart is that almost every comic is either about a historical and/or literary figure or event. It manages to be funny and historically accurate. You can really tell Beaton’s love of history by looking at any one of her comics. I don’t get all the historical references by any means (I’ve had to google the subject of her comics quite a few times), but most of the time, even if you’re not quite aware of the historical reference she’s making, it still manages to be funny and witty.

Not all the comics are about history, as there are quite a few funny and endearing ones about Beaton interacting with her younger self, as well as a few comics that are just funny without referencing history or literature (one of my personal favorite comics that I’ve read so far is about Aquaman).

If you like history even a little bit, this comic will have you in stitches. Like I said, you may not get every single comic fully without using google, but the same can be said of many other good comics (I’m specifically thinking of xkcd). It’s definitely worth a look.

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