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So I have a tumblr now

So yeah. I’ll be honest, I never really understood the point of tumblr for a long time and I didn’t have much desire to learn. However, one of my friends talked to me about it and I looked into it. I realized it would be a nice site to post links to things that I enjoy, but don’t have enough to talk about for a full length blog post.

Whenever I do a blog post, I try to make sure there’s a lot of content and there’s a clear point to it. This is why you haven’t seen my blogging a whole lot lately because, well, I don’t see the point in making a blog post that’s only one paragraph long.

My tumblr will be a lot more frequently updated so, if any of the tens of people reading this are interested in getting some more insight into what I like and what I’m doing when I don’t have a huge amount of things to say, check it out.


Existensial Writing Crisis Caused by Ponies

So I’ve been spending the past week trying to write a serious werewolf story, but I haven’t gotten very far with it. In fact, it’s been going pretty stagnant thus far. I’ve felt very pressured that I haven’t been able to make the story really “pop” yet. Felt almost like I’ve had writer’s block or writer’s fatigue or something.

So then, after watching a few episodes of that new My Little Pony show on Youtube (don’t judge me, it is a well written show. A well written manly show. For manly people. Manly), on a whim, I end up writing fanfiction again. Crossover fanfiction between that show and Cthulhu (I … don’t know why either).

Read at your own risk (even though I do like this story, I just want to say that most of the stuff I write is a great deal more serious than this).

The weird thing is, in one day of working on this, I’ve already written more than after an entire week of working on that werewolf story. And it felt way more fun to write.

I don’t really know what, if anything, that signifies. Maybe I’m just getting kind of burned out on horror and it was kind of refreshing to write something less serious. Maybe I had more fun with it because I felt less pressure to refine it since it was, well, a fanfic and not something I intended to market. I honestly don’t know. I really like the story. I’m having fun writing it. But part of me feels like less of a writer because I’m going back to writing fanfic instead of working on original work.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’ll write this fanfic a little bit. I have spent the last five months working very hard on the first draft of a novel, which I finally finished. Maybe this will be a nice pallet clenser or something.

Or maybe I’m just justifying myself so I can write more about ponies. I’m honestly not sure…