Speedster – A Short Story

Speedster- A Short StoryAllison Nells knew her brother Jake was on speedster, a highly-addictive drug that gives the user inhuman speed. She knew it was only a matter of time before Superhuman Narcotics hauled her in for questioning.

She just didn’t expect them to accuse him of murder.

Now, faced with the knowledge that Jake may be a killer as well as a drug user, Allison must figure out what to do. But if Jake is as dangerous as the agents believe, her life may be the next one in peril…

Speedster is a 3400 word short story ebook mixing science fiction, superhero fiction, and noir, available for purchase on Amazon Kindle.

This is my first self-published ebook release. I hope to release many more. If you enjoy it, please help spread the word and consider posting a review.

As a side note, the wonderful cover art was done by Carl Graves, who I highly recommend to anyone who wants professionally done cover art.

Available for $0.99 as an Amazon Kindle ebook.

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