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So I have a tumblr now

So yeah. I’ll be honest, I never really understood the point of tumblr for a long time and I didn’t have much desire to learn. However, one of my friends talked to me about it and I looked into it. I realized it would be a nice site to post links to things that I enjoy, but don’t have enough to talk about for a full length blog post.

Whenever I do a blog post, I try to make sure there’s a lot of content and there’s a clear point to it. This is why you haven’t seen my blogging a whole lot lately because, well, I don’t see the point in making a blog post that’s only one paragraph long.

My tumblr will be a lot more frequently updated so, if any of the tens of people reading this are interested in getting some more insight into what I like and what I’m doing when I don’t have a huge amount of things to say, check it out.